1. How do I set up my online Account?
    To create your account, please click “Login” and complete the required fields of “Register”.
  2. How do I update my profile information on my online Account ?
    You may log-in to your account and click “Account details”  to change your account profile & settings.
  3. How do I make a payment?
    We accept Paypal on-line payment method.
  4. How long will it take for my order to ship?
    In-stock items typically arrive in 2~3 days by Fedex International Proiority or
    5~6 days by Fedex International Economy.
  5. How do I know if my purchase order is completed?
    Once the order has been fulfilled, you will see “order details” on the page.
    You will also receive an e-mail with order details.
  6. How do I know the status of my order?
    You may log-in to your account, and click “order” to view the status of your orders.
  7. How do I track my shipping?
    You may track your order via tracking info provided in automated email.
  8. Can I change my order?
    Orders cannot be changed once they are placed. If you have questions or concerns about your order, please contact Customer Service via customer_p-sales@Unictron.com for further assistance.
  9. What is your product warranty?
    The Products are covered by warranty for a period of one year. The warranty period shall begin to run as from the date of delivery.
  10. How if I need to return the product?(Quality Issue)
    UNICTRON allows customer return the product if any quality issue. You can fill in Return Merchandise Authorization form or Contact Us. If the RMA effective, you will receive the return shipping information. Contact with local forwarder to ship back the product for further analysis. UNICTRON will submit the analysis report to you after clarify the root cause. Please know that, in general, UNICTRON’s antenna products have one-year guarantee period, RMA will be effective if the product has quality issue within guarantee valid period. After guarantee period, it might cause repair charge if you want to repair your antennas. 


  1. How should I pick the suitable antenna product?
    Clarify your application bands, available dimensions, using UNICTRON AOD online system, input the key factors, then you will get the best-recommended solutions.
  2. How do I know the antenna performance is good for me?
    It’s a wide range question. Basically, some antenna indicators can observe the antenna performance is good or not. V.S.W.R., Return Loss, Efficiency, Peak Gain and Radiation Patterns. First of all, you should observe the antenna application bandwidth is covering you application bands. Normally, V.S.W.R. should under 2 or close to 2, keep as low as possible to ensure antenna impedance matching in band. The same opinion on antenna Return Loss, the general limitation is under -10dB, and keep as low as possible. Antenna Efficiency, in band, the efficiency should keep as high as possible, which means antenna delivers high efficient RF signals for your applications. Peak Gain, the maximum power radiated direction of the antenna, some certifications, that limited antenna peak gain, so the indicator is not as high as it possible is. If you do not clear understand the certification limitation, you can contact with our technical supporting person. 
  3. What kind of antenna radiation pattern I needed?
    In general, IoT or consumer applications, it needs omni-directional radiation pattern, which makes your device has no death-point on application. For example, mobile communication, WiFi router. Some applications need point-to-point communication, then you need direction radiation pattern. Antenna contributes radiation power to a specific direction, which makes good performance on transmitting/receiving signals. For example, satellite communication, NFC reader, DSRC infrastructures.
  4. Why the antenna didn’t perform good performance similar to specification?
    The antenna performance we listed in specifications, those are base on general environmental application, and the real application might have some factors that could affect antenna radiation. For external antenna products, please make sure you have connect installation methods. For internal antenna products, some applications need re-optimize the antenna performance. UNICTRON provide optimization service to ensure you product have the best performance perform. Contact your local UNICTRON sales person, or seek technical supports online.
  5. Once you choose UNICTRON products, UNICTRON can provide design review service to assist customer to ensure product design correctly on RF section. Contact your local UNICTRON sales person or seek supports online.
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