Langevin Piezoelectric Transducer

The Langevin piezoelectric transducer is an “electrical-mechanical energy converter” that converts electrical signals into mechanical displacements and is usually used in many applications requiring vibration.Unictron’s Langevin piezoelectric transducer is a kind of piezoelectric transducer which can generate the specified force and vibration displacement.Whether it is a two-piece or multi-pieces piezoelectric assembly of the Langevinc transducer, we can adjust them in accordance with your requirements. Unictron’s produced Langevin piezoelectric transducers provides stable and consistent output, displacement,  mechanical properties, as well as excellent reliability and durability.

Unictron Technologies Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of piezoelectric ceramic components in Taiwan. Our engineering team has over 25 years of experience in piezoelectric ceramics research and has a proprietary material formulations and ceramic processing technologies. With advanced material properties and manufacturing facilities, we are able to develop and produce large-scale production of various sizes and specifications of the Langevin piezoelectric transducers to meet your requirements.

Langevin piezoelectric transducer is used for industrial cleaning equipments, industrial ultrasound assembly equipments, scaling, handheld atomization of medical devices, as well as in semiconductor IC wire bonding equipment.


  • Industrial cleaning equipment
  • Industrial ultrasonic assembly equipment
  • Scalers
  • Portable atomization medical device
  • Semiconductor IC wire bonding machines


  • High electromechanical conversion efficiency
  • Low energy consumption and low heat generation
  • High and stable output displacement
  • Good durability