Antenna Introduction

In an era where wireless communication is a must for all personal mobile devices, antennas are the passage that all wireless signals need to go through. Unictron is leading the way with a seasoned engineering team having extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of various antennas. Added on to this is our well-established reputation and technology in materials formulation and processing. Combining these two competences, we provide high performance antennas made with various materials and processes to satisfy all wireless communication needs for our customers. With our patented designs and proprietary processes, we are well-recognized in ceramic patch antenna and chip antenna manufacturing. In addition to our high performance antennas, wide varieties of high quality, low cost LNA’s (Low Noise Amplifier) are also available for your needs in building high performance mobile products.

We have extensive knowledge in developing and manufacturing a variety of antennas, including but not limited to ceramic antennas, PCB/FPC antennas and metal-stamping antennas. We are mass-producing antennas for internationally renowned customers in various applications, such as: GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, WiMAX, GSM/CDMA, RFID, FM, and Digital TV. Products installing our antennas include cellular phones, notebook computers, PC tablets, GPS navigation devices, GPS trackers, gaming devices, AP routers, set-top boxes, digital cameras, USB dongles and wireless modules. To meet green product requirements, our products are RoHS compliant and halogen free.


Ceramic Patch Antenna (CPA)

CPA uses ceramic materials as substrates and uses thick-film, thin-film or plating processes to fabricate electrodes on the substrate to form a patch antenna structure. Since ceramic materials have higher dielectric constants compared to polymeric materials, it can significantly reduce the size of the antenna. In addition, a patch antenna does not require ground clearance on a circuit board, which will make the circuit board design easier and increase its utilization efficiency. Since CPA shows high directivity and can have high gain in one direction, it is very useful for GPS navigation, tracking applications, and receiving satellite audio broadcasting.

Unictron has vast experience and an excellent reputation in the design and production of CPAs. We provide customers with CPAs that hold unique characteristics. For example, we deliver surface mountable patch antennas to reduce assembly cost and increase product consistency. We also provide rectangular shaped patch antennas in sizes of 20×6×4mm and 16×6×4mm. Since a miniature 6mm width is much smaller than that of the regular square patch antennas, it is the most suitable option for thin portable devices. Best of all, we use our own proprietary design and processes to provide these rectangular patch antennas with circular polarization. This can significantly improve your GPS signal reception quality.


Chip Antenna

Unictron provides wide varieties of chip antennas made from ceramic or polymeric materials. As chip antennas are surface mount devices and do not need manual assembly, the overall cost of assembly can be reduced and process reliability can be improved. Applying Unictron’s proprietary design and manufacturing technologies, miniature chip antennas can easily obtain more than 80% radiation efficiency. In addition, broad bandwidth or multiple resonant frequencies can also be achieved in our chip antennas. Our chip antennas are widely used in GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMAX, LTE and ISM band applications. For example, Unictron can produce high performances in impressively small sizes, such as 3.2×1.6×0.5mm for GPS antennas, 5×3×0.5mm for GPS/Bluetooth dual band antennas and 5×2.2×1.6mm for dual band WiFi antennas.


Other Antennas

Additional antennas we provide include internal antennas with built-in LNA used in high quality signal reception for digital TV or digital audio broadcastings at VHF (174-240 MHz) or UHF (470-870 MHz) frequency ranges. We also manufacture compact internal FM antennas, which can be built in portable devices to avoid the inconvenient usage of ear-phone wires as an antenna. External digital TV antennas are also available, which can be attached on car wind shields. We also provide high directivity, high gain (16 dBi) patch array antennas for base-stations or CPE (customer premises equipment) of WiMAX or LTE systems.


Custom-Made Antennas

Since the specification and installation environment of an antenna differs from customer to customer significantly, we also provide custom-made services to satisfy your particular antenna needs. Depending on your requirements, antennas can be manufactured with printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuits, stamped metal sheets or combinations of processes.


No matter what kind of products you produce or what kind of antenna you need, Unictron is always the best partner to supply high performance, low cost antennas. Please review our products and contact us for further information.