Piezoelectric composites are piezoelectric ceramic composed of two or more materials. Common piezoelectric composites consist of two kinds of material, piezoelectric ceramics and polymers (such as epoxy resin). The piezoelectric composites have broadband in piezoelectric characteristics. The advantage of the composite material is that it combines performance from both piezoelectric ceramics and polymers. Piezoelectric composites have good flexibility and processing performance, and good acoustic impedance matching of water, air and biological tissues.

   The aim of developing piezoelectric composites is to combine the specific properties of each single phase to maximize either the electromechanical and/or ultrasonic performances of a device, than conventional piezo-ceramic materials.

    Unictron’s engineering teams have been working in the piezoceramic industry for more than 25 years. As a major piezoceramic supplier in Taiwan, we have a sound background in materials formulations and ceramic processing technologies. With advanced characterization and manufacturing facilities, we are able to develop and mass-produce various dimensions of piezoceramic elements with high performance to fit your needs.


  • High precision transducer
  •  Medical probe
  • High power transducer
  •  Hydrophone
  • Ultrasound (HIFU)


  • Lower acoustic impedances
  •  High coupling coefficients
  •  High resolution
  •  Excellent durability and reliability
  •  Tailor-made   (Frequency, Electrode, Dimension…)