Unlimited piezoceramic applications—An overview

With their very useful material characteristics of direct piezoelectric effect and inverse piezoelectric effect, piezoceramics can be applied to the state-of-the-art applications, such as medical imaging or precision control in high-tech machinery, but are also frequently used in our daily life, for example as ultrasonic generators in cleaning machines or in humidifiers. The progressive development of materials and processing technology of piezoceramics has led to more and more products when the needs of human-machine-environment interaction increase.

The major applications of piezoceramics include:

1.Low power sonic and ultrasonic transducers, such as ultrasonic body/beauty massagers, dental scalers, flow meters, nebulizer/atomizer/humidifier and SAW-type transducers for touch panel.

2.High power sonic and ultrasonic transducers like ultrasonic cleaning, Ultrasonic machining and ultrasonic welding.

3.Sensors of various types, such as automotive back up sensors, level sensors, proximity/distance sensors and APR-type transducers for touch panel.

4.Actuators and positioning devices for precision control of motion and position, including bending actuators, piezoceramic speakers/sounders, piezoelectric haptic devices, feeders/vibration mechanisms, anti-vibration devices and miniature precision pumps.

5.Voltage generators for igniters, batteryless remote controller and energy harvesting devices.

6.Other piezoelectric devices, such as piezoelectric transformers and electromechanical filters.

With more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of piezoelectric ceramic products, we have established a vast technology base for ceramic formulations and processing capabilities. As a leading provider of piezoelectric ceramics in Taiwan, Unictron provides a variety of shapes and applications to choose from. Most importantly, custom-made piezoceramic elements are also available if you tell us what you need.