Custom-Made Piezoceramic Elements

As a leading provider of piezoelectric ceramics in Taiwan, Unictron can provide a broad range of custom shapes of piezoelectric ceramics to meet your ever-demanding requirement. Our engineering teams have been working in piezo ceramic industry for more than 25 years. We have sound background in materials formulations and ceramic processing technologies. With advanced characterization and manufacturing facilities, we are able to develop and mass produce various dimensions to meet your demand. According to your product specifications, various processing technologies, including bulk, thin sheet, thick film, multi-layer ceramic, can be used to custom-make the exact specifications and performance to meet your requirements. With facilities such as dry press, cold isostatic press, tape caster, extruder as well as various machining equipments, we are able to provide the following shapes and dimensions to you:

  • Disc
    • Thickness: 0.02mm – 60mm
    • Diameter: 1mm – 120mm
  • Ring
    • Thickness: 0.02mm – 60mm
    • ID: 0.8mm – 110mm
    • OD: 4mm – 120mm
  • Rectangular
    • Thickness: 0.02mm – 60mm
    • Length (Width): 2mm – 120mm
Note: Custom-made dimensions and shapes are available upon request.


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