Ultrasonic Cleaning, Welding and Machining

Piezoceramic elements are the most important components of the equipments used for ultrasonic cleaning, welding or machining. In the above applications, reliable high power ultrasonic wave is the key factor for high performance ultrasonic equipments.

Unictron’s premium piezo ceramic elements are the perfect solution for your needs to generate stable ultrasonic vibration. Our piezoceramic components have high mechanical quality factor and high electro-mechanical coupling factor. With high frequency stability and low impedance at resonant frequency, they deliver high power output with good reliability. Our engineering teams have been working in piezo ceramic industry for more than 25 years. We have sound background in materials formulations and ceramic processing technologies. With advanced characterization and manufacturing facilities, we are able to develop and mass produce various dimensions of piezoceramic discs and rings with high quality to fit your needs.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in cleaning of jewelry, eyeglasses, dental/surgical parts and mechanical parts. Ultrasonic cleaning facilities are also important components in a lot of electronic or semiconductor production floor. When a piezoelectric transducer generates an ultrasonic vibration into the cleaning liquid, with sufficient amplitude and acceleration, millions of microscopic bubbles form due to the pressure change within the liquid. When the bubbles collapse, the energy thus released form tiny jets. When directed to the part surface, these jets will loosen surface contaminants, remove dust, dirt, oil residue from surface.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a fast and cost effective way for joining two components together. It utilizes the friction energy that is induced by ultrasonic vibration at the contact surfaces of two pressed-together parts. When a piezoelectric transducer generates a high frequency ultrasonic vibration to the joining surfaces of two pressed-together parts, the friction is so much that the heat being generated fuses the joining surfaces together. Both metal and plastic parts can be welded through this process.

Ultrasonic Machining

Ultrasonic machining is widely used for machining hard and brittle materials, such as glass, ceramics…etc. The machining tool, when excited to vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies, remove materials from the workpiece with the help of an abrasive suspension. The machining tool, which never really touches the work piece, passes the ultrasonic vibration to the abrasive particles in suspension. Material removal is achieved by the direct and indirect hammering of abrasive particles against the workpiece.


  • Piezoceramic transducers as the source of high power ultrasonic vibration needed in ultrasonic cleaning/machining/welding equipments.


  • High reliability, high power output
  • High quality factor, low heat generation
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent frequency stability
Elements for ultrasonic cleaning, welding, machining






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