MIMO antennas with housing and cables

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MIMO antennas with housing and cables

Soon to be introduced.

Unictron’s new high performance PILLAR chip antennas

Bluetooth chip antenna CW337

Ground clearance and PCB dimensions are no longer a concern

Unictron, the manufacturer and the designer of world-class miniature antennas, introduced a new product called pillar antenna. Pillar antennas are patented SMD type chip antennas that don’t require ground clearance area and their performance is independent of the dimensions of the ground plane of circuit board.

Unictron’s first pillar antenna bares a model name CW337. This high performance chip antenna works at 2.4GHz ISM band to support all miniature portable devices, such as: ear phone, for Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

Small wearable devices normally have challenging installation environment for the antenna designers to design a satisfactory antenna. Miniature antenna on small PCB size may often result in rather low performance, like occasional lags when listening to music, or problems in connecting to a WiFi network. Furthermore, standard antennas made from FPC, or monopole chip antennas, show large shift of frequency when the device is worn on a human body. Such shift of the frequency, caused by the change of installation environment, may make antenna lose its signal receiving capability.

In General, there are two approaches to minimize the frequency shift of antennas and make wearable devices achieve higher RF connection capability:

A) Use loop-type antennas whose near field reactance is dominated by magnetic field,
such as Unictron’s TELA antennas; or

B) Use PILLAR antennas that are vertically polarized and don’t require ground clearance.

From the viewpoint of antenna design, a ground plane on printed circuit board (PCB) not only behaves as a metal layer to reflect RF wave but also allows antenna to induce image current on the ground plane which may degenerate the performance of the antenna. That is why in designing an antenna, no metal layers are allowed above or below antenna, which is so called the ground clearance (area without metal). However, a ground plane can minimize the influence of human body on the impedance of the antenna, therefore minimize or eliminate the frequency shift which will avoid deterioration of antenna performance.

Therefore, it is always a challenge for an antenna designer of wearable devices to design an antenna with ground plane underneath the antenna to minimize the influence of human body and in the meantime also avoid the negative impact of image current which may be induced on ground plane. Unictron’s CW337 pillar chip antennas offer the best from both worlds: a miniature chip antenna on ground plane for wearable devices with little negative impact of image current and frequency shift.

The pictures below show several versions of installation locations of CW337 on a circuit board. Green color represents the metal layer while the blue color represents the area without metal layer. The yellow area is the metal pad for antenna installation. Some no metal area around installation site of antenna is needed on the top metal layer to separate the antenna from ground plane.


Please note that the above pictures represent a top view of the PCB. When implementing CW337, it is always recommended to have a full metal layer on the bottom side of the PCB to reduce the influence of human body on antenna performance.

Antenna installation

Since there is no need for ground clearance, CW337 can be installed virtually anywhere on the PCB. However, as shown in placement C, when installing CW337 at the edge of circuit board, in order to achieve better performance, it is preferred to keep CW337 away from the edge with a distance of at least 10% of the width of the PCB. When placing CW337 close to the center of the PCB, vertical polarization is predominant. While moving the pillar antenna from the center to the edge of the PCB, more and more horizontal polarization will be obtained.
The pillar antennas installed at placement C from the above picture provide a mixture of horizontal and vertical polarization and enable the antenna to receive signal from all direction and various polarization. Such unique characteristics is desired for applications such as high performance true wireless ear buds*.

Typical applications

The ever popular true wireless ear buds often suffered low performance and frequency shift of antennas caused by user’s unique shape of the ear, impedance variations of the skin (e.g. dry skin versus oily skin) or indefinite direction of signal source. These difficulties are now worries of the past with the introduction of Unictron’s CW337 chip antenna!
Compared to regular monopole chip antenna, CW337 provides longer working distance as well as good quality of signal reception from all directions. User of true wireless earphones can enjoy continuous stream of music no matter which direction of the connected smartphone even during extensive exercise and jogging.
* True wireless ear buds refer to earphones that have no cable connecting left and right part. Conventional wireless earphones have a cable connecting left and right ear buds, and may have the antenna hidden inside the volume control that is part of the cable.


Our well-trained and experienced engineering team will gladly help implement this chip antenna on your devices. If possible, please share with us a 3D file (in .dxf or .stp format) so that we can advise the optimal antenna installation position. In our 3D anechoic chamber, we can measure the real performance (e.g. efficiency, gain, return loss, etc.) of CW337 pillar antennas designed-in inside your devices.

Request datasheet and samples today:



Press release in pdf file:

Sub-giga hertz antennas for long distance communication

If you are developing some kind of tracker, or need to send some data from your device over distance of few kilometers (two way communication between devices) many times a GSM module is the solution. It is great global solution with coverage all over the world. Slight disadvantage can be that for each device there is needed to have a SIM card and a subscription from the mobile data provider.

If you are going to track things only within our country or specific area (pets in the city, bicycles, small commercial vehicles, taxi), maybe you would like to save some cost for GSM subscription and send data some other way.

LoRa, Sigfox or other technologies using sub-giga hertz frequencies can be a suitable solution. In general, lower frequency antenna can communicate to larger distance. Bluetooth and WiFi works at 2.4GHz with communication distance over few meters. With 868MHz (0.8GHz) the communication distance can easily reach over 10 km.

ISM 915_868_DECT Antennas

868MHz or 915MHz is a good compromise between communication distance and size of the antenna.

Unictron’s chip antenna for these two frequencies is only 5 x 3 x 0.5mm in size.

Lower frequencies require larger antenna and also larger PCB (to be exact, larger ground clearance area on the PCB).

Unictron’s sub-giga hertz chip antennas are available starting from 80MHz up.

Popular frequencies include 169MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz.


Shall you be interested in implementing Unictron’s chip antenna’s in to your device, feel free to ask us for a help. Our experienced antenna engineers can help you to optimize the PCB layout for better antenna performance, help with fine tuning of the antenna.


List of standard chip antennas is available on our website:



We can modify these standard antennas to fit whatever frequency you need in a range 80MHz to 6GHz.


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Fun Friday: LATTE Antenna

GPS LATTE chip antenna

Unictron’s loop type chip antennas are specially designed with easy usability in mind.

In “old times,” each chip antenna was manufactured for some specific central frequency.
For examples, if GPS central frequency is 1575.42MHz, the antenna manufacturer prepared chips with central frequency 1530MHz, 1550MHz, 1570MHz, 1590MHz (or something like this).
When new wireless product was being developed, engineers tested all the chips with various central frequencies, and chose the one which on their product provided final central frequency closest to 1575.42MHz.
If a company (ODM) made a new wireless product, all antenna testing had to be done again.

Unictron’s chip antennas are designed with so-called tuning element. It is usually some RLC component which helps to change the central frequency of the system. Therefore now, when you design another wireless product, you need to have only one antenna and just tune the central frequency with RLC component. Also, once you review our layout, you can use the same layout for all your devices.

This way, development time and testing time is much shorter, with better precision of controlling the antenna’s desired frequency.

As a Friday Fun activity, we came up with an abbreviation: LATTE antenna. Loop Antenna with Tweakable Tuning Element.

GPS LATTE chip antenna     WiFi LATTE chip antenna


Give yourself WiFi LATTE, GPS LATTE, Bluetooth LATTE, 868MHz LATTE, 915MHz LATTE.

Menu is long, just tell us your antenna coffee taste, we will make it 🙂


If you need a help to tune the chip antenna on your device, Unictron team can help.

Firstly by giving advice about PCB layout (please share the gerber file with us), sometimes it is better to put antenna at the corner, other times it is better to put antenna at the center of the PCB edge.

Then we can do the simulation to estimate the tuning element, or teach you directly (e.g. through video call) how to do the tuning.

And lastly, the easiest way is to send us the device, we will measure it, tune and provide optimized values of RLC tuning elements.

Although this post is written as Fun Friday, besides the LATTE coffee pictures, all information is serious.

Contact us today to learn more.


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Win Free Chip antenna sample WiFi Bluetooth

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Tell us what is shown in the picture below:

guess what is in the picture

Guess what is in the picture


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  • Chip antenna dimensions: 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.5 mm
  • Usage: WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Center frequency: 2450MHz
  • Bandwidth: depends on PCB design
  • Efficiency: depends on PCB design
  • Mount: SMT (or solder by hand)
  • Technical help and datasheet will be provided to the winner.
If you are not a winner and still interesting in reviewing datasheet, please mention this in the “Your answer” area. Also, if you are not a winner and would like to purchase samples, you can let us know. Contact details: http://www.unictron.com/contact/

Do you struggle with performance of PCB antenna in your device?

It is often overlooked that cable connected on PCB antenna is part of the antenna. Cable can influence antenna performance not only because of various length (longer cable, bigger loss of energy), but also when cable is bent in such way that antenna was not designed with such bending in mind.

When bending cable too much, capacitance of the system will change resulting in shift of the central frequency. This may lead to antenna that does not work at all, or antenna that will require more power to get satisfactory signal. In case of portable devices, taking more power because of the antenna obviously shortens working time on battery.

Therefore, it is important to consult the placement of PCB antenna with your antenna supplier.

One way how to avoid troubles with cables is to use chip antennas that are soldered directly on your mother board. Chip antennas often require only small space on the motherboard and are available for basically all frequencies as PCB antennas.

For more info feel free to discuss with us in real time on Skype.
Contacts for our team members are available on http://www.unictron.com/contact/

Antenna products inside a car




Picture above shows a brief overview of antennas used in an automobile.

Displayed antenna pictures are Unictron’s standard products.

Unictron has own antenna lab and few anechoic chambers where our antenna engineers can help to measure and tune antennas directly inside your device to reach optimal performance.

Download presentation: antennas in a car.


Image credit:

Image credit for Piezo in a car


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Piezo products inside a car


Piezo products in a car

(click on image to enlarge)


Piezo products are tailor-made according to customer’s specification.

For sample request, product development, feel free to contact us.


Download presentation: piezo in a car.


Image credit:

Image credit for Piezo in a car

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