Since position signals transmitted by satellites are right-hand circularly polarized, circularly polarized patch antennas are still the most effective antennas for the reception of satellite signals. Unictron is one of the most important patch antenna manufacturers in Taiwan. In the past years, we have developed and produced vast varieties of through-hole type square patch antennas and supplied to internationally renowned customers around the world.

Through-hole patch

Normally patch antennas are made in a square shape to receive circularly polarized satellite signals. The smallest square patch antenna available on the market right now is 9×9mm. However as portable devices become thinner and thinner, conventional square type patch antennas may not be suitable for this kind of application due to the space limitations. However, Unictron broke this barrier and developed circularly-polarized rectangular patch antennas with only 6mm in width. In addition, we also recently launched a circularly-polarized low profile patch antenna with a thickness of only 0.8mm.

Slim patch

Traditional patch antennas require manual assembly and soldering of the metal pins in order to establish an electrical connection with the signal trace. As labor costs increase year by year, the overall cost also raises significantly. For this reason, Unictron developed a series of patented surface-mount (SMT) compatible patch antennas. This kind of patch antenna remarkably saves labor cost, and also increases the stability and consistency of production.

SMT patch


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