Unictron’s high quality external navigation antenna modules are built-in with right-hand circularly polarized patch antennas and come with an antistatic (more than 12kV) low noise amplifier. They show extremely good satellite signal reception capability with high gain, low noise and low energy consumption. They are also water-proof with an IPX67 rating.

2in1 external antenna

In addition, Unictron also produces a variety of external antenna modules combining satellite navigation and GSM / CDMA / LTE mobile communications, to fully meet your requirements (Navigation + Cellular phone).


To achieve the best reception of satellite radio broadcasting, an external antenna is usually installed on a car roof. Unictron’s SDAR antenna modules are left-hand circularly polarized. High gain, low noise amplifiers are designed with 12kV antistatic capability and an IPX67 ranking water-proof capability.


Currently, digital video broadcasting is an application in rapid development. However, weak signal quality is frequently encountered. Unictron’s DVB-H/CMMB external antenna module is an effective way to improve your reception experience.



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