Unictron is one of the best chip antenna suppliers in Taiwan with the most advanced design and processing technology. Unictron has been recognized and awarded the 2014 Taitronics Gold Medal in Technology Innovation for miniature ceramic chip antennas. For our chip antenna product series, we have already been granted 13 international patents, with 5 patents currently pending. Unictron’s advantage is the miniature size which allows our chip antennas to be implemented in all kinds of mobile devices.

Power of TELA


High efficiency

The radiation efficiency can reach up to 84% on our demo boards. In the case of PC tablet or smart phone implementation, the efficiency often reaches above 40%.


Less susceptible to human body

The design of Unictron’s chip antenna is based on the principle that the near field reactance should be mainly dominated by the magnetic portion of the electromagnetic wave. Therefore, our chip antennas are less susceptible to the human body (which is a dielectric) and can be more effective compared to traditional monopole chip antennas when used in portable/wearable/mobile devices.


Resonant frequency can be easily adjusted by Tuning Element

With our unique tuning element design, the center frequency of an antenna can be easily shifted over 300MHz for WiFi and GPS applications. Thus, the same standard antenna can be implemented in different models from device to device and PCB to PCB. In addition, there will not be any obsolete parts and this can lead to much easier inventory and cost management.

As an example, smart phones require the capabilities of calling and data transmission on 3G/4G bands, satellite positioning/navigation (GPS/GNSS/BDS), and WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n) upload/download. Each feature operates at a specific operating frequency band and has its special requirements. For each application, Unictron’s chip antennas can constantly deliver unique characteristics and outstanding performances. For example, we developed an LTE (Bands 38~41) diversity antenna and minimized the antenna size to 3.2mm×1.6mm×0.5mm. Compared to the conventional FPC, LDS solutions, our chip antenna uses 50% to 70% less area.

Taking satellite navigation as another example (GPS/GLONASS/BDS), the needed signal comes directly from the sky. However, the traditional FPC/LDS antenna radiation pattern points downward and would lead to a decrease of signal reception efficiency. Yet our chip antenna design is able to make the radiation pattern point upward to enhance the satellite signal reception capability. Moreover, we make the smallest chip antenna on the market, whether it is single frequency (WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee/HDMI) or multiple frequencies (GPS+WiFi).

Pursuing innovation has always been Unictron’s focus. Recently we have launched the latest development of so-called “tri-band” antenna (GPS plus dual band WiFi) with a miniature size of 3.2mm×1.6mm×0.5mm, and it is quickly gaining attention for use in portable devices.

Lately, the concept of smart meters and Internet-of-Things has been increasing in popularity. Both applications can use ISM bands for communication, including 433MHz, 868MHz, and 915MHz. Unictron also manufactures chip antennas that cover these frequencies. In addition, the chip antennas for FM and WiMAX applications are also available.

Multiple Frequencies Antennas



  • Convenient frequency tuning capability when circuit board environment is changed
  • Miniature size and light weight (9 mg)
  • Excellent radiation efficiency (exceeds 80% with demo board)
  • SMT process compatible
  • Multi-frequency antennas are available
  • Applicable frequencies: 400MHz~6GHz


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