In the field of wireless communication, Unictron has developed two categories of antenna modules:

  • Active antenna module with low noise amplifier
  • NFC antenna modules with embedded NFC chip


Active antenna module with low noise amplifier

GPS_GLONASS_Beidou_Galileo Antenna Modules


There are many kinds of RF signals in space that degenerate wireless signal reception quality, as well as tall buildings in urban area and other obstacles which further significantly degrade RF signals. These phenomena cause difficulty in wireless signal reception.

For these reasons, Unictron designed a series of miniature, highly integrated antenna modules. These modules contain an antenna, IC or transistor amplifier, band-pass filter, and LCR passive components. These antenna modules are able to amplify the signal, filter out the noise, and provide low noise, high gain, low energy consumption solutions, which not only ensure an excellent signal reception, but also reduce the complexity of design-in processes.

Unictron’s high quality antenna modules are widely used in satellite navigation systems (Navigation antenna modules), satellite digital broadcasting (SDAR antenna modules) and digital video broadcasting systems (DVB-H / CMMB antenna modules).


NFC antenna module with embedded NFC chip

NFC Antennas and Modules


NFC technology is widely used in daily life in four main categories:

  • Touch and Go: entrance access control
  • Touch and Pay: e-wallet, debit card
  • Touch and Explore: information exchange/browsing on mobile devices
  • Touch and Connect: earphone pairing, data transmission


With Unictron’s antenna design expertise and NFC chips from our semiconductor partner, we have manufactured a series of NFC antenna modules with various sizes (the smallest is 9.5mm x 9.5mm). We could also design and customize NFC antennas based on your requirements.


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