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Dear valued customers,

Unictron, a major antenna solutions provider in Taiwan, is staffed with a strong antenna engineering team having passion and solid technology background. We are proud to invite you to review all the antenna products presented in this brochure. The performance of antenna is the most crucial factor to achieve smooth wireless communication with high bit rate and reliable connectivity. We are here to support all your needs in product development and antenna implementation. We aim to increase the performance of your products and help you deliver the value of your company to your customers.

Unictron is the best chip antennas provider in the industry. Our patented high performance TELA chip antennas are designed to be easily installed in all different varieties of wireless devices with frequencies ranging from 100MHz to 6GHz. Our proprietary design of tuning elements can compensate up to 250MHz of frequency shift when you are implementing TELA chip antennas. When you re-design circuit board or change the housing of your devices, the original antennas you have ordered can still be used in your new products. No obsolete inventory will occur when you are using our TELA chip antennas. Unictron is also the major patch antennas and modules provider for automotive navigation and position tracking devices. We are the only vendor you can find still mass-producing patch antenna in Taiwan with uncompromising quality and delivery flexibility. We also provide full spectra of antenna products including PCB antennas, metal-stamping antennas, LDS antennas and varieties of external antenna modules.

With our well-trained and experienced engineering team, Unictron is more than happy to cooperate with your engineering team to attack any challenge in antenna development of your new wireless devices. We will work together with you to identify your problems and define the right specifications to meet your antenna requirements. Developing tailor-made antennas are routine operation for our antenna team when customers came to us with a specific needs which couldn’t be satisfied with off-the-shelf antenna products.

We also keep a close watch on ever-changing market demands and strive to develop new antenna products to meet your needs. Innovation and technology excellency give us a strong competitive edge in the industry. In the past years, we have been awarded or applied over 50 international patents which demonstrates our intensity in building up cutting edge technologies. We endeavor to create the best possible antenna experience for you. We also sincerely appreciate your comment and feedback about our services, antenna performances and where we need to make improvements. Listening to our customers is very important for us to provide outstanding services to you. Let’s work together to achieve our mutual benefits and future prosperity.


Warmest regards,

Joseph Yeh, CEO

Unictron Technologies

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