A300A – H2KA300KA1CD00

A300A works as a signal transmitting and receiving unit. This ultrasonic transducer is particularly suitable for double-feed detection, edge detection, splice detection, label detection, web guiding and proximity measurement, etc. It works reliably regardless of materials under detection, for example: paper, glass, transparent plastics, metal sheet, cardboard, etc.


Operation Frequency300kHz
Capacitance (@ 1 kHz, 1Vrms)1300pF
Directivity (Full Angle @-6dB)10Degree
Maximum Driving Voltage50Vp-p
Maximum Sensing Range60cm
Blind Zone<3cm


  • High performance
  • High reliability
  • Black surface
  • Patented technology

Major Application

  • Double feed detection
  • Edge position control
  • Banknote fitness detection
  • Label detection
  • Proximity measurement

Download datasheet in PDF format.